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Full GCSE Maths Topic List

Revise each topic with GCSE maths questions, worksheets, revision notes & more.

1. Numbers

Topic Name

Addition and Subtraction

Long Division

Long Multiplication

2. Algebra

Topic Name

Surds - Rationalise and Harder Surds

Forming Expressions, Equations, and Formulae

Rearranging Formulae (Subject Appears Twice)

Kinematic Equations

Factorising Quadratics (a bigger than 1)

Solving Quadratics by Factorising (a greater than 1)

Solving Cubic Equations

Arithmetic Sequences and Sums

Quadratic Sequences

Quadratic and Cubic Sequences

Quadratic, Cubic and Harder Sequences

Quadratic Inequalities

Iterative Methods

Simultaneous Equations (Non-Linear)

Proof (Foundation)

Proof (Higher)

Function Machines

Functions (Composite and Inverse)

3. Graphs

Topic Name

Equations of Straight Lines


Coordinates and Midpoints

Coordinates and Ratios

Turning Points of Quadratic Graphs

Circle Graphs and Tangents

Solving Simultaneous Equations with Graphs (Linear)

Solving Simultaneous Equations with Graphs (Non-Linear)

Graph Transformations

4. Calculus

Topic Name

Differentiation with Graphs

Differentiation with Linear Kinematics

5. Ratio

Topic Name

Repeated Percentage Change



Compound Growth and Decay


Exponential Growth and Decay

6. Geometry

Topic Name

Corresponding Angles and Alternate Angles

3D Symmetry

Negative Enlargements

Invariant Points

Nets of 3D Shapes


Projections, Plans and Elevations

9. Statistics

Topic Name

Types of Data

Data Sampling


Data Collection

Stratified sampling


Population Density

Stem and Leaf


Histograms (Basics)

Frequency Polygon

Line Graphs