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Our MME Premium Teaching Platform provides all the tools you need for students to complete revision of the entire curriculum, with powerful tracking and reporting for Teachers. Set revision, topic tests and mock tests!

Maths, English and Science specifications covered by exam board. 

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Progress Tracking

Our teaching platform is designed to enable teachers to track the progress of their pupils as they work through GCSE maths, English or science courses. 

  • Monitor course progress

  • View recent results of revision, practice questions, topic tests and mocks.

  • Drill into each individual result question by question

  • All content tailored to the specific exam board specifications

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Link Student Accounts

The MME teacher platform allows you to easily manage your student accounts directly from your teacher dashboard and link new students within your class. 

  • View a list of all students attached to your account

  • Easily search and reorder your student list

  • Add student accounts easily with one click

  • Add notes to each student to keep track of updates

  • Choose to enrol students on courses or have them choose the courses to enrol on

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Comprehensive Content

Students can revise each topic using our comprehensive revision segment containing explainer videos, revision notes and multiple choice questions. As they revise your teacher account will update in live time. 

  • Video tutorials on every topic - GCSE maths, English and science covered

  • Detailed revision notes specific to exam boards - AQA, Edexcel, OCR and IGCSE boards.

  • Multiple choice questions throughout each revision segment to test learning

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Practice Questions

Quick-fire practice questions are available on every topic to test recall and understanding. Every time a student answers a question it is logged and their progress will be updated on your teacher account. 

  • 5+ multiple choice questions in each question set

  • Easy, medium and hard difficulties to choose from

  • Written solutions for every question

  • Attempts are saved and scores tracked

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Topic Tests

Once a student has completed their revision, they move on to a topic test to test their ability to apply their knowledge. These questions are contextualised and start to build up question complexity that moves students towards exam style questions. 

  • Relevant to specific GCSE exam board specifications

  • Smart system with multiple question and answer types

  • Written solutions for ever question

  • Video Solutions for exam questions

  • All attempts stored and progress tracked

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Mock Exams

We provide online mock exams that are specific to each exam boards specification. 

  • Mock exam in timed conditions

  • Exam Mode - entire exam marked at the end

  • Practice Mode - allows marking after each questions

  • Full video and written solutions for every question

  • All exam attempts are stored for analysis

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MME Premium

Gold Standard Education

Learn an entire GCSE course for maths, English and science on the most comprehensive online learning platform. With revision explainer videos & notes, practice questions, topic tests and full mock exams for each topic on every course, it’s easy to Learn and Revise with the MME Learning Portal.

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MME Premium is a market leading online software for GCSE students, schools and tutors. 

  • Looking for a learning platform for Maths, English and Science for GCSE?
  • Do you want to see students results, track their scores and see their averages?
  • Are you wanting the ability to set homework?

MME premium offers everything above, with lots of courses and exam boards, 10,000s of questions, with video and written solutions, revision videos, mock exams, all with progress tracking.

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MME Premium

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