Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

The first steps to becoming a tutor with MME is to register for our online platform. Our primary aim is to ensure every student has access to the very best resources, which is why we have developed the most advanced learning platform for tutors and students. The following link will enable you to sign up as a tutor and start to attach students to your profile. Students can enrol on a maths, English or science course and when you attach them to your profile you can track their progress. Tutors use our courses to help with lesson plans, specification coverage and homework setting. Register today and get full access to all features. 


Why become a tutor with MME?

By becoming a tutor with MME, you can earn £30 – £35 per hour of tutoring. With our platform, you can advertise your tuition service. You can also get access to the very best learning platform enabling you to set student homework and track progress of each learner.


List profile

Create a profile on the MME platform and receive maths tuition requests in your area.


Access to 1000s of Resources

Find exceptional Maths, English and Science resources on the MME platform. If you ever pay fees this is what they are used for!


List Your Opening Hours

Advertise what hours you are available for tuition. Most tuition requests come in the evening when tutors are tutoring, but don’t worry, we have extended opening hours to pick up all tuition requests so our tutors can continue tutoring.


Get Paid Directly

You take payment directly and decide what form that payment is in. Therefore you can get instantly paid after each lesson.


Get more lessons!

We advertise nationwide to help tuition services like yours receive more tuition requests


We Organise for you

We answer the calls and enquiries and match you with suitable students so that you can focus solely on providing exceptional one to one tuition.

Advertise your tuition services

Display what levels you offer, when you tutor and where you tutor to ensure you get the most relevant tuition requests.

Speak with parents directly

A parent or student will submit a maths tuition request in your area, or may even look to contact you directly. Their contact details will be sent to you so that you can call them directly and book in a lesson, rather than trying to organise something through a tightly monitored message system that is annoying and inefficient to use.

Better quality tuition leads

A parent or student will submit a maths tuition request in your area. We speak with each parent directly to ensure their tuition request is suitable for you. This saves our maths tutors time dealing with tuition requests that were never going to work for them, freeing up more time for teaching!

Get more students with MME

With more maths tuition requests in your local area and access to exceptional resources, you have everything you need to help grow your private tutoring business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need in order to offer tuition through MME?

You need to have the minimum of a degree and some experience. You will require a DBS before you start tutoring but we can provide a DBS check for you.

What are your fees and why do you charge them?

We charge individual tutors a flat rate of £5 per lesson. We need to charge these fees in order to build free content and market the service to new customers. We charge less than other providers, we give back to students and we offer an upfront and honest service. All tuition fees are reinvested into the service.

Can I use your resources as part of my tuition?

Yes, we encourage all tutors and students to use our free resources. Our Science English and Maths resources have been developed by a collaboration of tutors, teachers and examiners so please make full use of them during your lessons and when setting homework.

How does your service find me more students?

MME find new students in a number of ways. Firstly, we are one of the largest resource websites in the country, with up to 20,000 people using our website every day. We therefore naturally get a high number of tuition requests on a daily basis. We also look to market online as well as traditional print and local advertising. We absorb all of these marketing costs so you don’t have to.

How do I get paid for the tuition I provide?

You get paid directly by the parents at the end of each lesson, either by bank transfer, cash or whichever payment method you feel most comfortable with.

What hours do I need to commit to?

You decide what hours you want to work. All we ask is that once you commit to a student on a specific evening at a specified time, is that you honour that commitment and try to continue the tuition through to the end of the academic year, especially with GCSE and A Level students who have exams coming up.

Become a Maths tutor with Maths Made Easy today

More Lessons

We answer the calls and enquiries for you so that you can focus on the tuition. Through our platform you will receive more tuition requests and therefore have more lessons.

Access to Free Resources

At Maths Made Easy we are committed to making the very best revision materials and resources. We are the only tuition platform in the country to offer a comprehensive set of maths resources which we have built to help our tutors and students succeed.

Lower tuition fees

Our promise to tutors is that our commission will always be fair and lower than the competition. Leave the marketing to us so that you can focus on your lessons.

Be part of something different

At Maths Made Easy we are different in many ways. We charge lower tuition fees than most and we make more free resources than any other tuition platform in the country. We believe in quality with everything we offer and everything we do. Be part of something different.

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