GCSE Science Past Papers

If you are looking to access GCSE Science past papers as part of your revision plan then you are in the right place. Whether your exam board is AQA, OCR, Edexcel or WJEC, the GCSE Science past papers can be accessed through this dedicated page.

We have collated all of the GCSE Science past papers in one place to make it easier for students, teachers and tutors to access. You can also click through to each of the corresponding GCSE Science mark schemes so if you are revising then you can easily mark your GCSE Science exam papers without any hassle.

Edexcel GCSE Physics Past Papers


Edexcel GCSE Chemistry Past Papers

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GCSE Science Past Paper FAQ’s

Yes, we have all of the individual exam papers for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and we also have the GCSE Combined Science past papers.

Yes you can access all of the GCSE Science resources on the dedicated page. We have worksheets and explanations as well as practice questions. You can also access resources for other subjects.

First tip is to make sure you know which exam board and specification your school is doing before you start attempting the practice papers. Many students make the mistake of using the wrong papers and this obviously reduces how usefulness of the revision and can create a lot of confusion. Our second top tip is to use the past papers sparingly, use the other resources to help you revise initially and then save the papers for when you have covered the entire course and you need to accurately test your progress whilst highlighting the remaining areas you need to focus on.

We have Edexcel, OCR and AQA GCSE Science past papers and mark schemes which cover the UK’s largest exam boards.

Yes you can access all of the GCSE Science answers along with the past papers for each exam.

Yes we have dedicated tutors who can help you with the past papers. This is a paid service so we need to speak with an adult prior to arranging any private tuition.

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