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  1. A really good test of your maths ability and a stretch to the right level IMO

  2. All 6 papers are to the same standard and offer a good test of knowledge and a welcomed addition to the frely available past papers

  3. Good detail and the concept works well.

  4. Our tutor has been excellent from the first lesson Great communication and feedback and the right amount of work being set. Happy to recommend to others.

    Sammy Peters - Tuition
  5. I have spent some time working through the MME premium courses and they are generally very good.

    Jane Faulkner - MME Learning Portal
  6. MME do the best A level maths exam papers! No Doubt!

  7. Couldn’t fault the papers. They are exactly what I was looking for. 10 stars from me 🙂

  8. The MME premium courses are superb! The GCSE maths ones goes through all the topics and you can select the level of difficulty so on things like percentages that I am good on, I went for hard but on vectors I started on easy and built up to the level 9 questions. If you can put the effort in then worth getting IMO

    Sam Harlington - MME Learning Portal
  9. Ideal for practice and revision

  10. The gcse maths predicted papers are really good. I have used all the past papers in class and revision for topic tests in school and wanted something the same but different if that makes sense. The questions are all new but feels like you have seen them before sort of thing so its really good to practice with

  11. Unacceptable delay with delivery and the papers had a mark of damage on them in one of the corners. The content itself was good but that isn’t the point, you expect to get something new when you pay for it

  12. What I had hoped for, 5/5!

  13. MME Premium is the best! Lots of courses and even more questions. I have found the video explanations the most useful.

  14. The best thing I have found to help with GCSE maths revision. Go go course in a box!!!

  15. Our maths tutor was absolutely brilliant! Our son has struggled with his confidence in maths for many years and has never got the help he needed from school so we took it upon ourselves to source it. Happy to recommend MME to others look for quality maths tutors.

    Mr D Richards - Tuition
  16. The A level Physics papers are spot on. Only a couple of days for delivery and they come nicely packed with mark scheme/ model answers.

  17. The only practice papers I can find for WJEC that are not the maths past papers. All other websites just use past paper questions but these are all unique papers and mark scheme solutions.

  18. Not for me

  19. A useful set of additional practice papers in the same style as the past papers for AQA biology.

  20. I have found the A level maths practice papers to be invaluable in preparing for end of term exams.

  21. Brilliant papers!

  22. Solid set of A level maths predicted papers.

  23. Great A level maths revision cards. Ideal for revising topics without too much time.

  24. Forget the revision books and stick with these practice papers. These maths papers cover all of the topics and if you get the 5 set, literally every different type of question is covered to test the ability of any student. Highly recommended

  25. Helping with the revision for the GCSE resit

  26. I purchased these for my daughter who has been using them before and after lessons at school to help with recapping. She struggles to concentrate in lesson so having something to look at before and refer back to in a quick way is helping her to retain more information. Her overall understanding is definitely improving. As they say it is the small sustainable changes you make that make all the difference and we are certainly seeing this

  27. The best gcse maths revision guide! We use two others in school that just don’t make any sense but this works through it in stages and break it down to the simple steps you need to know

    Filip Morris - GCSE Maths Revision Guide
  28. Worth having the extra papers in print format. Delivery took a couple of days and papers arrived in perfect condition

  29. Spot on and really helped with the end of unit tests I have had recently

  30. Fine for revision purposes

  31. Very pleased with the gcse maths cards. They look nice and have all the info for each subject.

  32. A genuinely exceptional revision guide!! I only wish they did more subjects as it looks like I can only get a GCSE maths one.

    Michael Drury - GCSE Maths Revision Guide
  33. This is exactly what we were looking for. A supportive and professional tuition service.

    Karolina Walton - Tuition
  34. Happy with our purchase

  35. The science practice papers are a true test of ones ability and reflect the past papers

  36. fast shipping and arrived as expected

  37. I have used a lot of different maths practice papers online and these are the only ones in the correct actual format and printed to look the same. The content marries up also.

  38. I liked the biology cards to help with different types of revision at the start and end of each session with my tutor

  39. A solid test for those looking to get the top grade

  40. We booked a GCSE maths tutor online and the process from start to finish was very straightforward. Our daughter is now getting the support she needs and her confidence is improving after every session.

    David Reynold - Tuition
  41. Great for revision and practise

  42. We have used another well known revision guide brand for a number of years and thought we may find something different with a newer name. I received a sample revision guide from MME and was very impressed with the book. Comprehensive in its coverage but also well written with clear explanations. The practice questions provide a good test and stretch across the different levels. All in all a very worthwhile purchase and an excellent revision guide for GCSE students of all abilities.

  43. Happy to recommend and buy again from mme

  44. took me too long to get into the packaging and the delivery was over 3 days npt like Amazon

  45. The gcse predicted maths papers have been amazing! There are all sorts of free pdf stuff online but they are all rubbish in terms of they are just questions whereas these look like actual exam papers. The mark schemes have good detail as well

  46. Lots and lots of practice in this pack. Shipping was quick and efficient.

  47. An additional set of practice papers are always welcome. These are a good test and set at the right level at least for the Edexcel exam baord I use

  48. I thought the papers were a little hard for me

  49. Used the mme website for a number of years with my private students for tutoring. I have recommended that they all buy the GCSE maths cards as they are a great way to check knowledge on a topic quickly as well as having the entire spec in the palm of your hand. I tend to use them at the start and end of each session to introduce a topic and recap.

  50. The biology gcse revision cards have been a good thing to have with me at school and for homework recaps of topics