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Functional Skills English

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MME Team 2 May 2023

The functional skills English qualification is equivalent to GCSE level 4. At MME we help people with their functional skills English level 1 and level 2 exams. 

Functional Skills English is a set of English language qualifications that test practical skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. These qualifications are designed to provide learners with the skills needed to function effectively in everyday life, work and education.

Functional Skills English qualifications are available at different levels, ranging from Entry Level to Level 2, which is equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 or above. The qualifications are designed to be flexible, so learners can choose the level that is right for them and work towards it at their own pace.

The assessments for Functional Skills English focus on real-life situations, such as understanding instructions, writing emails and reports, and participating in conversations. The assessments are designed to be relevant to learners’ everyday lives and help them develop the skills they need to succeed in work and further study.

Functional Skills English qualifications are recognized by employers and educational institutions, and can help learners progress in their careers and education. They are also a valuable tool for those who are new to the UK and need to improve their English language skills. You can submit the following form to apply for a funded functional skills English course that the MME team provides for you. 

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