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MME Team 24 March 2021

Maths Made Easy produce excellent content online, provide face to face tutors around the UK, and attract international students from around the world for online tuition. We also provide support to students with special educational needs. Our dedicated team of specialist SEN tutors have expert knowledge and experience in this area, helping learners to reach their potential and discover the ways in which they learn best.  

Call our team regarding specialist SEN tuition on 020 3633 5145 and select the tuition option. 

What MME offer

• A service whereby students are matched to the most appropriately qualified tutor for their needs
• A free 1:1 introductory 15-20 minute video call/audio call with the student and parent
• Regular feedback to parents/guardians regarding progress directly from the tutor

How SEN tuition differs from other types of tuition

• Tutors who are experienced in dealing with the specific needs of the student (e.g.. ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia)
• Whiteboards and resources that are accessible by anyone (tutors may scribe for those unable to write for example)
• Flexibility and adaptability with lesson times, lengths and content
• Option of recorded sessions so students can revisit lesson content (particularly beneficial to those with ADHD)
• Consistency of resources, lesson format and approach whilst maintaining interactivity and fun
• Option to have parental support in lessons

Benefits of 1:1 tuition for SEN learners 
• Relaxed calming environment to maintain focus
• Opportunities for fun, engaging learning activities
• 1:1 working relationship with a specialized teacher who is planning specifically for the student
• Lessons tailored to the individuals needs
• Flexibility and adaptability

Call our team regarding specialist SEN tuition on 020 3633 5145 and select the tuition option. 

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