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GCSE exams postponed?

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MME Team 18 March 2020

Are GCSE exams cancelled or postponed? This is the question everyone is asking after Boris Johnson’s announcement. This announcement was made at the same time as Gavin Williamson was making a speak in the house of commons. The government has provided little clarification as to whether the GCSE exams have been cancelled, or postponed, or are about to be replaced by a different testing system that doesn’t involve the mass gatherings of students.

There are some theories that the 2020 GCSE exams will now be coursework based, where grades are awarded for previous work but also potentially new work set that can be done online at home. This would potentially be a fair way of awarding students exams. What would not be fair is that students are awarded grades based solely on previous work as all those working in the education sector know that most gains are made in the weeks leading up to exams where dedicated students can move multiple grades in a short period of time with the right work ethic, ability and support. Therefore there needs to be some kind of assessment to make the awarding of final GCSE grades a fair system, otherwise, thousands of hard working students may be awarded lower grades that will stick with them forever.

We will be updating this page as and when updates are made regarding the GCSE exams, detailing any potential GCSE assessment that replaces them. What will replace the 2020 GCSE exams? Only time will tell. 

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