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MME Team 14 March 2019

Ripon Grammar School cover maths at every level from KS3 up to A Level and have a number of additional maths qualifications that students can choose including further maths at GCSE and A level. Unlike many of the other local schools in the Harrogate and Knaresborough areas that choose AQA and Edexcel for their KS4 Gcse Maths exams, Ripon Grammar use OCR. The following information will provide more detail about the assessment routes taken in maths at Ripon Grammar. 


KS3 Maths at Ripon Grammar

The KS3 Maths lessons follow the standard KS3 Maths curriculum. 


GCSE Maths at RGS

Students continue to work in sets alpha1, alpha2, middle1, middle2 and middle3 sets but there are no longer any parallel sets. Nearly all students will be entered into the higher tier paper but in some exceptional circumstances they may decide that the best option for an individual student is to sit the foundation tier GCSE maths paper as this will give them a better chance of a level 5.  The exam board used by RGS is OCR maths specification J560. There are 3 unit examinations A, B and C with paper B being the only non-calculator. 

Students in alpha1 sit the level 2 certificate in further mathematics (AQA) in Year 11 and possibly GCSE statistics, though given the increased curriculum content for the new GCSE (first examinations 2017) the latter is under review. Students of alpha2 also sit the level 2 certificate in further mathematics.


A Level Maths

At AS Level there are 7 lessons per week for A level mathematics and further mathematics. Single maths A level sets are usually allocated 2 members of staff. In year 13, there are 8 lessons per week for A level mathematics and 14 lessons for further mathematics. At Ripon Grammar further mathematicians students have all their mathematics lessons together and whilst other students are in mixed ability classes. Again the exam board is OCR which helps to build on the content covered at GCSE. 

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