How much maths homework should my child get each week?

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MME Team 3 January 2019

Many parents often ask the question, is my child getting enough maths homework? Is my child getting too much maths homework? And of course the answer is it depends.

Maths is one of the most important academic subjects for a number of reasons but at the same time the amount of homework shouldn’t be disproportionate to other subjects. Maths, English and Science will naturally have more homework or students should spend more time on these subjects each week because they tend to have more lessons in school and they tend to be the most important at GCSE level for students to move onto higher education or training positions.

The other factors to consider are; what ability is your child, how much they want to study maths, how many pieces of homework is school setting? As a guide we believe that 2-3 hours of maths homework a week is sufficient but this is likely to increase in the final year of GCSE’s, especially as the exams approach and students are revising for their mocks and final exams. Ilkley Grammar are usually good at setting homework at the start of the year and this steadily declines apart from those in the 6th form and year 11 who get plenty of past papers set for their maths exams as they approach.

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