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MME Team 18 August 2021

Pass Functional Skills is a service that we work with to help people obtain their functional skills qualifications. Through this service you can revise for your functional skills exams and get the support to help you book an Ofqual regulated exam.

For learners who haven’t achieved a GCSE grade C or level 4 or for international learners who want to enter courses or find employment in the UK, then the functional skills qualifications are invaluable as they demonstrate competency in maths and English that course providers and employers are looking for. Level 2 qualifications are especially useful as it is a minimum requirement for all further education courses, so if you do not have a GCSE in maths and English, then functional skills is the best option for you. 


Functional Skills Level 2 Qualifications 

The level 2 qualifications are a GCSE equivalent which means they are accepted by Universities, employers and course providers nationwide as equivalent to a level 4. Since the pandemic Ofqual in collaboration with all the major exam boards have introduced online functional skills exams that are equal in value to the paper based exams. The online level 2 exams tend to be more convenient as you can take them from home with a computer and webcam, with a very simple set up. The following links will take you to the best revision materials and pages to where you can book the exams. 

  1. Functional skills maths level 2 revision
  2. Level 2 maths online exam
  3. English level 2 functional skills revision 
  4. Level 2 English functional skills exam. 

The level 2 qualifications for maths and English that we recommend are always Ofqual regulated. If you would like support for your functional skills level 2 then MME can provide expert tuition to help you pass your exam on the first attempt. 


Functional Skills Level 1

Pass Functional Skills is dedicated to helping people to achieve their level 1 maths and English qualifications. From past papers to study materials, you can access everything from this dedicated website. The list below links to the key level 1 maths and English pages:

  1. Functional skills maths level 1 exam
  2. Level 1 maths revision
  3. Level 1 English online exam
  4. Level 1 English revision 

Remember, for all things level 1 and 2 related, think Pass Functional Skills.

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