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MME Team 3 July 2023


There are many students who need to resit English GCSE Language as this is a mandatory qualification to continue onto further education as well as being essential for most forms of employment. At MME we help learners of all ages and abilities to retake English GCSE. Submit the form below to request more information about our service. 

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Functional Skills

An alternative to resitting GCSE English is the functional skills English level 2 qualification. The main advantages to this qualification is that you can take it all year round and generally the pass rates are much higher. All Universities and employers accept functional skills as a GCSE equivalent which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are considering a GCSE English retake

GCSE English Revision

If you are looking for some free revision materials to help you with your English GCSE resit, then the following resources are a good starting point. The revision notes will take you through everything you need to know for your exam. You can then work through the past papers to help you get ready for the exam. 

If you are ready to book your GCSE English resit then MME offers a dedicated service for those looking to find a private GCSE exam centre in their local area. You can book your English GCSE resit via the exam booking page below. 

GCSE English Exam

The MME exam service is one of the most popular GCSE exam booking services in the UK due to the competitive pricing and excellent service. All of the GCSE English exams we register are Ofqual regulated, including the GCSE equivalent qualifications such as functional skills. If you want any further information about our GCSE resit support service then get in touch today. If you want more information on GCSE resits or our dedicated GCSE maths retake service then we have linked to the relevant pages. 

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