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About MME Functional Skills

The MME functional skills courses help people to pass their functional skills exams first time. Our Ofqual regulated qualifications are accepted by Universities, employers and apprenticeship training programmes. We have helped thousands of people get into University, nursing, teaching, the police as well as many other professions. 

Our functional skills courses track your progress and help you to understand when you are ready for the exam. Every time you answer a question you will see a video tutorial to help you understand how the answer was obtained. We use the proprietary technology designed by Pass Functional Skills the leading provider of functional skills courses in the UK. We also have free functional skills course options to help those who need it most.

You can register directly for a GCSE equivalent or functional skills level 2 exam via the buttons below or keep reading to find out more about what our service has to offer. 

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Functional Skills Exams

Functional skills exams are considered as GCSE equivalent qualifications and are therefore completed by thousands of learners every year of all ages. The main advantages of the functional skills over a traditional GCSE qualification is that you do not have to attend an exam centre, you can sit the exams all year round and the results are much faster if you register through the MME service. 

MME is a leading provider of online functional skills exams. Through MME you can book and take an Ofqual regulated functional skills exam that is approved by the UK government and therefore is universally accepted. We offer level 1 and level 2 exams for maths and English through two of the UK’s major exam boards, City & Guilds and Open Awards. We offer fast track functional skills exams and you can study from home. 

Call us today on 020 3633 5145 to discuss booking your functional skills exam. 

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Functional Skills Past Papers

MME is here to help students find the best functional skills resources for both maths and English. From practice questions to functional skills past papers, we have everything you need to revise for your functional skills exams. Access practice questions, video explanations and more by visiting the pages below and revise effectively with the support of others. 

The buttons below will take you to all of the functional skills past paper pages where you will find exam papers segmented by exam board. You will also be able to access mark schemes and model solutions to help you mark your test papers and learn from your mistakes. Making use of past papers is one of the key revision tasks you should do in the run up to your exams. 

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Functional Skills Tutors

MME has specialist functional skills tutors that have an exceptional pass rate. Our maths and English tutors are qualified, experienced and DBS checked. Our functional skills tutors tailor each and every lesson to your individual needs to ensure you get the best value for money but more importantly that you are prepared to pass your exam. You can also book a functional skills tutor for maths and English here through a support service that we are happy to recommend. 

One of the key benefits to having a tutor is the speed at which you can learn. A good tutor will not only help to identify your gaps in knowledge and support you to fill these, they will also help you to structure you revision so that you get the most out of the time you spend revising. This structure can be invaluable especially when you have a limited time to revise or you are working towards a tight exam deadline. 

Functional Skills Tutors

Functional Skills Courses

Enrol on a functional skills course to access revision materials, practice questions and video explanations. The MME courses take you through everything you need to know to pass your exam. At the end of your course you will even have the option to take mock exams, for your exam board, to see if you are ready to pass your exam. Each course contains:

  • Video tutorials – explanations from an expert tutor on every topic
  • Revision notes – to explain what you need to know for the exam
  • Practice questions – to help you put into practise what you have learnt 
  • Topic test questions – to test your understanding for each topic
  • Full mock exams – exam mode and practice mode for each exam
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Frequently Asked Questions

The functional skills maths course is a collection of practise questions, video explanations and exam papers to help learners to effectively prepare for their level 2 maths exam.

Yes we have City and Guilds functional skills maths exam papers and course materials to help you prepare for this specific exam.

The course covers the functional skills maths curriculum and provides exam practise for each specific exam board. The quality of the content and the tailored nature of the exam papers makes the course so effective.

Yes as part of the course we have specific exam papers for the Edexcel functional skills maths level 2 qualification.

The pass mark varies from exam to exam and it really does depend on the level of difficult of the paper you sit. Often the pass mark is between 50-60% but this can change at any time.

We have an exceptional pass rate for learners who use our full functional skills course and even higher pass rate with those take opt for a specialist functional skills tutor.

You can book a level 2 exam by visiting either our maths or English exam booking page. You can either sign up online or call us directly to select an exam day.

The tutors deliver lessons via video link with the use of an interactive whiteboard. The tuition is tailored to your individual needs to make sure you get the most out of each and every lesson.


98% of parents and students say ‘Excellent’.

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