functional skills level 1 equivalent

Functional Skills Level 1 Equivalent

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MME Team 21 November 2023


Level 1 functional skills maths and English qualifications are equivalent to grades D or E (2/3) at GCSE and give a good start point to be able to move on to higher qualifications like level 2 or GCSE. 

We recommend using Pass Functional Skills to help you achieve your level 1 qualification. They offer comprehensive courses which will give you all the tools you need to pass your exam, as well as Ofqual regulated exams with trusted exam boards. 

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Maths Functional Skills Level 1 

The level 1 functional skills maths exam is two hours long and is split into a 30 minute non-calculator section and an hour and a half calculator section. The exam will test you on 3 different areas: using numbers, understanding measure, shape & space and handling information & data.

The Pass Functional Skills course is split up into these sections, making it easy for you to focus revision on weak areas. There are also a range of mock exams within the course that will help you assess prepare in the run up to your exam.

Level 1 Maths Exam

Level 1 Maths Revision



English Functional Skills Level 2 

Similarly, the English qualification is also split up into three sections: reading, writing and SLC (speaking, listening and communicating). These are sat as 3 separate exams and you must pass them all in order to gain your level 1 English.

Below you can find out some more information on the English functional skills qualification.

Level 1 English Exam

Level 1 English Revision




What is a level 1 equivalent?

A level 1 qualification is the equivalent of a grade D/E (3/2) at GCSE.

How does a level 1 qualification compare with other qualifications?

You can take a look at the government website here, it shows the level of all qualifications. A level 1 qualification sits just below a GCSE.

Is there another qualification that is the equivalent of a GCSE?

There are some other qualifications that are equivalent to a GCSE, however they are not as widely accepted as functional skills qualifications. You can read about GCSE Equivalency exams here.

Is it possible to sit a GCSE exam rather than an equivalent?

Yes, Pass My GCSE can help with exam bookings for GCSE exams that take place in Autumn and Summer each year for maths and English.

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