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From functional skills maths to GCSE equivalency tests there are many different types of GCSE equivalent qualifications, all of which we can help with, including the actual GCSE Resit Exams in maths and English. Using the MME service you can select and book the right GCSE equivalent exam and course for you.

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GCSE Equivalents

There are a number of GCSE equivalent qualifications so if you haven’t obtained a C or level 4 in maths and English then there are other options that will enable you to move on with further education, or an adult learning course or with your career. Many employers now want to see a GCSE maths and English qualification at level 4 or an equivalency qualification, so even if you have no intention in pursuing a higher education course it is likely to still be beneficial to have something which is equivalent to GCSE maths and English on your CV. You can see functional skills level 2 equivalents here. 

Functional Skills Maths and English

Functional skills level 1-2 are the most popular GCSE equivalent qualifications with hundreds of thousands of people sitting the exams each year. Functional skills level 2 maths and English are considered to be the closest equivalents to GCSE’s and nearly all universities and higher education providers accept these as do most employers. Functional skills take maths and English outside of the traditional contexts and applies the content to real life situations that people find easier to relate to. Even if you didn’t like English or maths in school, functional skills helps people to build confidence in each subject whilst showing how useful they are in everyday life situations.

At Maths Made Easy we have a dedicated service to help people pass their functional skills test.

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GCSE Exams and Resits

As well as considering GCSE equivalent qualifications you may still want to think about a GCSE exam. You can sit your GCSE maths and English exams through MME. We also have specialist courses to to help people of all ages with their GCSE retakes. The following buttons will take you to pages and services dedicated to English and GCSE maths resit exams and courses that are designed to help people of all ages obtain the qualifications they require. The GCSE’s are the gold standard that are accepted everywhere, they aren’t always the best choice for learners unless you need to get higher than a grade C or level 4. 

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GCSE Equivalency Tests

The GCSE equivalency tests are usually requested by teacher training university courses for prospective teachers who haven’t got a GCSE maths, Science English equivalent qualification. They are also becoming a more popular request with other course providers for things such as midwifery, nursing and other professional courses. The equivalency tests are different to both GCSE’s and functional skills. There are few recognised external providers of these tests and there is little support for people preparing for these tests. At Maths Made Easy we have a dedicated support service for the English, maths and Science equivalency tests, so whether you are looking to book a test or you are searching for equivalency test examples online, we are here to help.

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BTECs (Business and Technology Education Council)

BTEC level 1-2 is a GCSE equivalent that some employers and training providers will accept. You can study BTEC’s at college or University or even at home. However, BTECs concentrate more on vocational subjects and are not aimed at maths and English which are the most important GCSE equivalents you require the maths and English GCSE equivalents are explored in more detail below. BTEC’s are being phased out and over the coming years will be replaced by new qualifications such as T Levels

Cambridge Nationals

Cambridge Nationals are similar to BTECs and are often known as OCR Nationals as these are the newer qualification. These again apply to other subject areas outside of maths and English so aren’t as relevant to further education and employment prospects unless you are looking to gain a specific qualification for a specific job role. These qualifications, like BTEC’s will also be phased out over the coming years. 

NVQs (National Vocational Qualification)

NVQ’s are qualifications that are undertaken in the workplace and have a more practical element to them. There are many NVQ’s from hairdressing to building services, they are always specific to the industry and job role you are carrying out. The purpose of the NVQ’s is to demonstrate key competencies required to effectively carry out your role and to ensure you have complete understanding of the regulations within your field. An NVQ2 is a GCSE equivalent and is valued by many employers but usually within the profession the NVQ relates to.

GCSE Equivalent FAQs

Yes we have expert functional skills maths tutors who will be able to help you prepare for and pass your functional skills maths level 2 exam. Visit our Functional Skills page for more information.

Yes we have maths resources for each type of GCSE equivalent exam. Because all of the different courses contain different topics, it is important you revise for the correct exam using maths resources designed for it. Find a list of resource below:

  • Functional skills Maths Level 2 materials
  • Maths equivalency test resources
  • GCSE maths retake resources
  • GCSE Maths higher tier revision
  • GCSE Maths foundation revision

The maths equivalency test is for those who do not have GCSE maths to level 4 and want to go to university. The equivalency test only applies to a few courses such as teacher training and it is usually set by the individual university, although there are external providers for this test. Unless you have been asked to sit one of these tests, you will not be required to take a maths equivalency test.

This is a very common question. The main difference between the two is the question types. In functional skills maths questions are much more relevant to everyday life, whereas GCSE maths have many more abstract questions.

Yes we have a dedicated GCSE Maths retake service that provides all of the GCSE maths resources you would require. We also have GCSE maths resit tutors who can provide you with one to one support.

Find out more about the GCSE grade boundaries here and what their equivalent grades are in the old grading system. 

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