T Level Maths

T level’s are a technical qualification that are equivalent to 3 A levels. They are two year courses and cover a wide range of sectors from accountancy to construction.

As part of each qualification there will be a T level maths assessment which will need to be passed in order to complete the course. In addition, all learners will have to demonstrate their maths abilities to level 2 and either have a GCSE maths grade to level 4 or a functional skills maths level 2 qualification.

The structure of each T level will a technical qualification, which involves core theory, concepts and skills for that specific sector. Each learner will also have an industry placement with an employer relevant to their industry. Finally to actually complete the T level and gain the relevant qualifications a minimum standard in maths and English will have to be demonstrated if students have not already achieved them.


T Level Maths FAQ’s

What standard of maths will I have to achieve for my T Level?

You will need to have a GCSE or equivalent in order to achieve your T level qualification.

What is a GCSE Equivalent in maths?

The most widely accepted GCSE equivalent is functional skills maths level 2.

How do I get my functional skills maths level 2 before or during my T level?

You can book your level 2 maths exam and course directly through MME as we are a leading provider of the Ofqual regulated exams.