Functional Skills Exam Terms

You Must Read: Before you sit your exam you must read and understand these instructions to ensure you are fully prepared. If you are found to not be compliant with these instructions your exam may be canceled and you will be charged a £49 fee.

You will join a Zoom call with your invigilator 10 minutes before your scheduled exam time where you will be required to show a hard copy of your photographic ID.

Exam Set Up

  1. You must download and install the zoom desktop app. (download here)
  2. Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari these must be installed on your device before the day of your exam. (Do not use Internet Explorer). We strongly recommend chrome. (Download here)
  3. Make sure your browser is up to date (How to update chrome)
  4. If you require headphones or hearing aids you will need to inform MME of this at least 2 days before your exam.
  5. You will need a laptop or PC with a minimum screen size of 14” and a resolution of 1024×768
  6. You CANNOT take your exam on a Chromebook, tablet, or phone. All windows PCs must have S mode turned off beforehand. (How to switch out of S mode)
  7. Your internet must be strong enough to support a Zoom video call and screen sharing. We recommend a speed of at least 3mbps, however, consistency of connection is also important. If the exam cannot go ahead due to your internet connection not being strong enough you will incur a £49 fee. Please test this before your exam date. (Test my internet speed)
  8. Pop-ups must be allowed on your device
  9. If you are using a Mac you must edit your system preferences to enable screen sharing on Zoom. (Find out how)
  10. You must have a working webcam and microphone. These must be tested and confirmed to be working with zoom. (Test here)
  11. You may have a non-scientific calculator for Maths exams. Please note that there will be an on-screen calculator available but if you prefer to use your own you will need to add all your workings to the spaces provided on the screen so they can be marked.
  12. A dictionary (this cannot be bi-lingual or a dictionary-thesaurus) may be used in English Reading exams only.
  13. No exam will go ahead without the invigilator seeing a hard copy of your photographic ID this can include: a valid passport (any nationality), a signed UK photocard driving license, a valid warrant card issued by HM Forces or the Police, another photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card (must be the current employer), student ID card (must be a current place of study), travel card, UK biometric residence permit If an assessment is taking place in a learner’s place of work and a learner is unable to supply any of the above, authentication of a learner’s identity by a third-party representative, for example, his/her line manager or a member of his/her workplace Human Resources Team can be accepted.
  14. You must uninstall Grammarly or any other plug-in which could give you an advantage during the examination.

Contact [email protected] if are not able to meet any of the above.

Should you not meet any of these requirements and as a result, the exam cannot go ahead you will incur a £49 fee.

Please read the full instructions here – Full Instructions

Exam Preparation Maths

1. Before taking your maths exam we strongly recommend that you complete the MME pre-assessment. You have been emailed a link to this directly after booking your exam. Contact [email protected] if you do not have a pre-assessment link

2. Before taking your exam we strongly recommend you complete both the Open Awards mock and the ‘How to answer graph questions’ ready for your online exam. Please remember to answer each mock question then use the mark scheme of the video tutorial to mark it, the exams do not mark themselves and do not store your answers at the end.

Exam Preparation English

1. Before taking your exam we strongly recommend you complete both the Open Awards mock reading and writing exams.