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With the countdown on until GCSE Exams, now is the perfect time to form a revision habit that can define your results day. The MME Revision Challenge is designed to do just this. All you have to do is complete a section of any MME Premium course for 21 days in a row, post proof on social media, and you will win a free pack of GCSE 2024 Predicted Papers. 

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Why take on the challenge?

Research has shown that it takes around 21 days to form a new habit, and our challenge leverages this principle, guiding you to integrate regular & focused revision into your daily routine for three weeks straight. Oh and by the way, we’re giving all students who complete the challenge successfully a free pack of our GCSE 2024 Predicted Papers.

But, the support doesn’t stop there. From now until results day, not only will MME keep you motivated with daily updates across our social media, but our revision challenge will actively reward you for your study. Join a community of success-hungry learners & reshape your revision habits today. By both educating yourself and actively participating in a challenge that guides you to form a healthy revision habit, you’re taking the action required to reshape your approach to learning. Join us, take on the challenge, and reshape your revision habits with MME.

  • Learn how to revise effectively.

  • Take steps to forming a healthy revision habit.

  • Win a free pack of GCSE 2024 Predicted Papers.

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What is MME Premium?

Learn entire GCSE maths, English, and science courses on the UK’s most comprehensive online learning platform. With revision tutorial videos and notes, practice questions, topics tests, and online past papers with AI and auto marked answers, you have everything you need to revise for your GCSE exams and improve your grades!

  • 2x Faster Learning

  • Guaranteed Grade Improvements

  • 22 courses covering 6 exam boards

  • Progress tracking to show your improvement over time

  • Recommended by teachers, tutors, and parents

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How do I take on the challenge?

Find out how to join the challenge and win your free pack of GCSE 2024 Predicted Papers

Sign up to MME Premium

Complete a section of any course on MME Premium for 21 days in a row

Follow our social media accounts to learn more about revision habits

Claim your rewards!

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For additional challenge details such as terms and conditions and reward information, check out our social media.

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Krzysztof Machnik

As a tutor with over 8 years of experience and a passion for creating engaging revision content, I'm committed to helping students excel in their academic pursuits. Through my content, I share proven study techniques and exam tips, aiming to inspire and empower learners on their educational journey. Let's unlock your full potential together!

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Yousef Shah

Unlock your science potential with concise exam strategies and myth-busting insights! Join 34k+ learners on a journey to ace GCSE Science. From exam hacks to misconception busters, I'm here to empower you with the skills needed to excel in your studies. Let's make science simple and exam success achievable!

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Hi!! I’m PCFGStudy, a chemical engineering student who started content creation and henceforth created a community of students who are on track to have an academic comeback! I mainly share study tips that I’ve used myself (I had two massive comebacks from an E to an A*) and help students to change their mindset around studying so they can do the same! Studying isn’t a chore, it should be fun! With all the little tricks I’ve gathered over the years, I want you to use my knowledge and take it as your own to have YOUR academic comeback!

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