Why is maths so important?

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MME Team 7 January 2019

Maths is sometimes seen as a bit of a marmite subject, with some students really enjoying it and others dreading it. However it is important that all children get a good knowledge of the subject, both for further education but also in life. Whether you are trying to calculate the best mortgage rate or credit card interest of how much money you are saving in a 20% off sale, understanding the core principles of maths is really useful for everyday life. In addition to this it is now mandatory that all students progressing on to further education have a minimum of a level 4 in maths and English. Even many unrelated disciplines such as public services often require a minimum of a level 4 in maths so it is essential that children engage with the subject from a young age and at least learn the basics. The best way to motivate and engage children is to make maths a little more interesting and relate it to their everyday lives. At Maths Made easy we have exceptional maths tutors who engage with each and every student, regardless of age. Maths is a subject that also feeds into many other topic areas such as Science and technology making it even more important. 

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