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MME Team 24 October 2023


The Exam Tutor is an online tuition service that provides exam specific tuition for GCSEs and other qualifications. They have tutors that can help you with maths, English and science exam revision. 

Different Types of Tuition On Offer

The Exam Tutor have different types of tuition on offer:

  • One-to-One Tuition: This tuition starts as low as £30 per lesson. It is ideal for students who prefer to work alone with a teacher and receive more dedicated attention. The tutor is able to tailor the sessions to the specific students areas of weakness.
  • Group Tuition: Group tuition starts from £10 per lesson. It is typically in groups of 5-10 students that have been deemed of a similar ability and will focus on common areas of weakness between the students in the group. These sessions are optimal for students who enjoying learning in groups and discussing answers.
  • Personalised Learning Pathway: This involves a combination of both group and 1-2-1 tuition and also includes a consultation with an exam exam to help you navigate the right steps for you. This option also gives you access to online learning materials to help you along with your revision.

Subjects on Offer

The Exam Tutor can provide English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths tutors for GCSE. There are tutors available for English literature, as well as language. At The Exam Tutor, they also offer a 5 hour masterclass on examination technique to help you refine your approach to exams. 

To get in touch and arrange your first tutor session, follow the link below.

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