GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards


GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards

GCSE Chemistry revision cards are the perfect revision tool to help You improve your grade. The MME Chemistry cards cover all the major topics areas within the AQA GCSE Chemistry specification. The profit from every pack is reinvested into making free content on MME, which benefits millions of learners across the country.

  • AQA GCSE Chemistry Flashcards - Best rated revision cards
  • Applicable for the 23/24 academic year
  • Higher and Foundation Tiers Covered

How they look

Get a sneak peak of some of the cards from this GCSE Chemistry Revision card set!

GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards

MME are known for making the best flash cards and our GCSE chemistry revision cards are no different! Each pack contains over 75 cards, each with 5 knowledge based questions so students can quickly identify gaps in their knowledge. On the reverse of each card is the answer to each question so students can learn from any questions they didn’t understand. In addition to the 5 questions, every card has an exam question which tests understanding and application.

Exam Question on Every Chemistry Flash Card!

Our GCSE Chemistry flash cards are unique as they are the first set of revision cards to provide practice with questions that mimic real exam questions. Every card contains one exam style question that not only tests your knowledge but also helps you to practise your application of that knowledge into different scenarios. The cards also contain graphs, tables and data based questions as these will make up a significant part of the GCSE Chemistry exam.

Topic List

See all the topics covered in the AQA GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards

80 sections
Atoms, Elements & Compounds
Chemical Equations
Model of the Atom
Subatomic Particles and Mass
Electronic Structure
The Periodic Table
Metals and Non-Metals
Group 0 Elements
Group 1 Elements
Group 7 Elements
Ions and Ionic Bonding
Ionic Compounds
Covalent Bonding
Metallic Bonding
States of Matter
Simple Molecular Substances
Giant Covalent Structures
Metals and Alloys
Diamond and Graphite
Graphene and Fullerenes
Chemical Equations
Relative Formula Mass
Conservation of Mass
The Mole
Mole Equations (Higher Tier Only)
Limiting Reactants (Higher Tier Only)
The Reactivity Series
Redox Reactions
Redox Reactions (Higher Tier Only)
Acids and bases
Strong and Weak Acids (Higher Tier Only)
Electrolysis Introduction
Products of Electrolysis
Half Equations (Higher Tier Only)
Exothermic and Endothermic
Energy Transfers in Reactions
Bond Energies (Higher Tier Only)
Rates of Reaction
Collision Theory
Reversible Reactions
Fractional Distillation
Uses of Oil
Paper Chromatography
Tests for Gases
Purity and Formulations
The evolution of the Atmosphere
Greenhouse gases
Climate Change
Air Pollution
Sustainable Development
Extracting Metals (Higher Tier Only)
Life Cycle Assessments
Reduction and Recycling
Maths Skills 1
Practical Skills 1
Transition Metals
Yield and Economy
Concentration and Volume
Cells and Batteries
Carboxylic Acids
Amino Acids and DNA
Flame Tests
Other Chemical Tests
Corrosion and Alloys
Ceramics, Polymers & Composites
Haber Process and Fertilisers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards are answered here.

Our GCSE Chemistry flash cards are relevant to the AQA exam board but as there is huge cross over between exam boards,  they are also useful for others.

We cover all the topics in the AQA GCSE Chemistry specification, from the periodic table to mole calculations and everything else.

Yes you can visit our MME revision card page to see our full selection but also our maths revision card page to see our best selling packs!

Yes you can see all of our science revision cards on our main page.

This is a great question but a difficult one to answer. Different people use revision cards in different ways all of which can be useful. Some effective methods we have heard of include splitting the cards into two piles of topics you know and topics you don’t. You can also use the exam style question on each card to see if you are prepared for you test. The first 5 questions are a really good way to determine whether you have gaps in your knowledge as these are all knowledge based questions that don’t require too much application.

All of the answers are on the reverse of the cards so you can quickly determine whether you got the right answer. If you need more practice on a particular topic you can always visit the MME GCSE Chemistry revision page.


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  1. I really liked the chemistry revision cards as a way to cover a lot of ground quickly. 5 out of 5!

  2. Nice to have a set of revision cards just for Chemistry

  3. service was quick and cards nice

  4. The chemistry cards are fine, could do with more notes on each area of the course.

  5. Its chemistry revision in small chunks making them easier to learn and revise.

  6. NEAT set of GCSE chemistry flashcards. Will recommend to others

  7. NEAT set of GCSE chemistry flashcards. Will recommend to others

  8. The chemistry revision cards have been a great help with learning new topics and practising ones that have already been covered

  9. I found the answers easy to follow and the cards have been well thought out.

  10. The content is spot on. I got the maths cards and they came in a nice box. These cards were banded up neatly but missing the box otherwise a 5 star review would have followed 🙂

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