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MME Team 4 July 2019

How to become an online maths tutor? 

There are a number of websites, platforms and services advertising online maths tutors, but how do you become one? 

Well the first thing to point out is that there is a difference between creating a profile on My Tutor, or Tutorful, and actually becoming an actual online maths tutor. To be an online maths tutor, you need to be able to secure students to teach and in order to secure students you need experience teaching or tutoring maths. There are thousands of profiles of University students who want to tutor maths for £12 per hour, which is not what the vast majority of students or parents are looking for. The online maths tutor platforms allow you to sign up and create a profile with no experience as you are effectively creating free content for their website which makes it look like they have tonnes of active tutors, when in reality very few of these profiles are ever viewed and even less attract tuition requests. The following steps will ensure that you become an online maths tutor who delivers lessons to many students on a weekly basis in a successful way that will enable you to build a customer base and therefore a tutoring business: 

1. Make sure you have in depth knowledge of the subject – Know your maths, but you should also know the curriculum. In addition to this you will need to know the style of exam questions for each exam board. If you have taught or tutored professionally before then you will already have this knowledge. If you are a maths graduate then you will need to do quite a bit of work to get up to speed with what is in the course and what isn’t, simply having a superior knowledge of maths as a subject isn’t enough to make you a good tutor and in some instances it can be a hindrance. You can access all of the maths past papers here. 

2. Get a DBS check – this will instil confidence in parents and help to select you as their tutor. You can apply for tutor DBS checks here.

3. Sign up to maths tutor platforms such as Maths Made Easy who will work with you personally to secure you more students, not an algorithm based system that means new tutors find it really hard to become established. 

What if I have never tutored  online before? 

Don’t worry if you haven’t tutored online, as we have a specialist team of online tutor trainers who will help you to quickly find the most effective ways of delivering maths content online, so as long as you are confident with the material that is within the course, don’t worry about how to deliver it online, we are here to help. 

4. Respond to calls and emails quickly – Those online maths tutors that respond to emails within 24 hours will secure more students and quickly build their regular student numbers. 

5. Provide feedback – Giving feedback at the end of each lesson to the student but also the parents will give them confidence in your abilities to teach as it demonstrates professionalism and structure that most people appreciate. 

6. Access good maths resources – Maths Made Easy can really help with this. Find our resource list below:

Primary maths resources

KS3 maths revision

GCSE maths revision

A Level maths revision



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