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How best to use the MME Learning Platform

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MME Team 22 November 2022

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The learning platform has everything you need to become a better mathematician, but where should you start?

Every topic is split into 3 parts, videos, practice tests and a topic exam.

The gif below shows how to navigate to a topic’s 3 parts.


To work on your weaknesses, the revision videos would be the best starting point. These describe everything you need to know about the topic in a short and friendly format.

The best way to get better at something is to practice, and maths is no different. The practice tests for each topic allow you to do just that. With varying difficulties, there are tests for you no matter your skill level. This should be your next step in developing your knowledge of a topic. Each question has a model solution you can analyse if you’re still unsure after attempting these.

Finally, the topic exam. All questions in these are exactly like what you may see in your exam. These are the last step to completing a topic.

Now that you know how to accelerate your learning, click below to become a better mathematician.

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