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MME Team 26 February 2024


One of the hardest things about revising for your GCSEs is getting started. It is really important that you get into a routine with your revision as this will make it easier and almost like second nature as you do it more and more. In this blog we will look at some habits that you can start to practise to guide you to exam success. 

We are launching the MME revision challenge to help you start getting into healthy learning habits. Find out more at the end of this page or click here.

Good Revision Habits

Here are some good learning habits to try and get into. Doing as many of these as you can will stand you in good stead to nail your GCSEs:

1. Create a schedule and stick to it!

Whether you create a rigorous GCSE revision timetable or just set aside a couple of hours a day to revise. Having time each day that is set aside for revision will help you to separate it from the rest of your evening. It also alleviates any guilt you might feel about not doing revision, you know when you will be doing another chunk of revision. 

It can be helpful to make a really detailed revision plan if that is how you work. But don’t feel pressured to plan out every second. Maybe just try and make sure you have a rough idea of what subject you want to revise in each slot.

2. Create a dedicated study space.

Having somewhere to go, other than your bedroom, to do your revision can be really helpful. This will keep you away from any distractions in your room but it also means when you go to bed or are relaxing in your bedroom, there is a clear divide.

If you don’t have another room to revise in, that’s ok! Just make sure your room is tidy and any distractions are out of reach. Once you have finished revising, make sure you clear everything away. This will help you separate chilling out from your revision.

3. Stay healthy!

It can be really tempting to slip into eating unhealthy during revision, just because it’s easy. But it’s super important that you are still eating generally healthy as it will help you keep up your energy levels and aid your concentration. This of course doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little treat, reward yourself when you have done a study session.

Another thing that is really important to do, especially during exams, is prioritise sleep! You won’t concentrate anywhere near as well if you are working on not enough sleep.

Finally, try and exercise regularly. Exercise is a really good stress reliever and can make you feel a lot better, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk.

4. Reward Yourself

You will undoubtedly be working super hard in the lead up to your exams. This makes it all the more important to celebrate milestones. If there is a topic you really struggle with and mange to breakthrough with it and get all the marks on a question, give yourself a reward! This could be as simple as getting a bar of chocolate or watching an episode of your favourite show. This will help you motivate yourself, particularly through topics that you find hard.

Also, don’t feel guilty for having a day off. If you have revised everyday for 2 weeks, treating yourself to a day off is well deserved!


MME Revision Challenge

Here at MME we want to encourage you to develop these healthy revision habits, that’s why we are doing the MME revision challenge. We are challenging you to complete a section of any MME Premium course everyday for 21 days. If you do this and post proof on social media, and tag us @mmerevise, you will win a pack of GCSE 2024 predicted papers.

Join the community of learners taking part in the MME revision challenge and start developing your good habits today!

To get involved in this challenge you will need to be signed up to MME Premium. To find out more about what MME Premium is, as well as how to sign up, use the links below.

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