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GCSE Resits 2023

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MME Team 7 August 2023


GCSE results day is August 24th 2023 and those who need to resit a GCSE for their work, college or Uni will be looking to evaluate their options. If you have a looming job deadline or are looking to apply to University this September, although there may only be a few weeks left to get this sorted, MME can help! Submit the form to speak to our GCSE resit support team. 

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GCSE Resits

If you are not in a rush to get your GCSE level 4 (grade C in the old system) then you can use the dedicated GCSE resit service, Pass My GCSE. This service will look to offer you the guidance and support you need to pass your GCSE on the next attempt. You can also look to book your GCSE resits directly via the links below.

In addition to the exam only options you can also undertake GCSE resit courses that are flexible. These are particular useful for adults looking for a GCSE resit course to fit around other commitments such as work and children. 

Functional Skills

An alternative to resitting GCSEs are the functional skills qualifications. These are GCSE equivalents that are widely accepted as the same as a GCSE level 4. You can take a functional skills in maths and English but not science. There are a number of advantages to sitting a functional skills including the speed of sitting the exam and the results. In a matter of a few weeks you can take the exam from home, get the results and certificate. The other advantage is that the functional skills curriculum has a lot less content to learn so for instance there is very little algebra within the maths qualification. The only limitation to functional skills as an alternative to a GCSE resit is the grade, you can’t get any higher than a level 4. For all things Functional Skills, visit Pass Functional Skills

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