Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Certificate

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MME Team 27 November 2023


Functional skills level 2 maths qualifications are the equivalent of a GCSE, however they contain much less content than a traditional GCSE. Level 2 qualifications are ideal if you didn’t get a GCSE in maths at school but require one now, whether it be for a job or to secure a place on a higher education course.

We recommend using Pass Functional Skills to help you get your functional skills maths level 2 certificate. They offer Ofqual regulated exams run with trusted exam boards, alongside a comprehensive course which gives you all the tools you will need to pass your exam.

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Maths Functional Skills Level 2 Course 

The Pass Functional Skills course is split up into three different sections; Using numbers, understanding measure, shape & space and handling information & data. These sections are split up into smaller topics, which contain different elements to help you through your revision. These are:

  • Revision – This consists of video tutorials made by tutors. These will go through the course content in detail and help you grasp the key concepts.
  • Practice Questions – These are sorted into easy, medium and hard questions, they allow you to test what you have learnt in the Revision part. You can start with the easy questions and build up the difficulty or really test yourself by going straight in with hard. You can do these questions as many times as you like and they all have full written and video solutions.
  • Topic Test – Contains exam style questions, specific to that topic, written in the style of real exam questions. These also have video and written solutions.

Completing the course should prepare you for all the possible questions that could come up in your exam.

Level 2 Maths Course

Maths Functional Skills Level 2 Exam 

The level 2 functional skills maths exam is two hours long and is split into a 30 minute non-calculator section and a 90 minute calculator section. You will be assessed on the different sections mentioned before, all these topics are split across both the calculator and non-calculator parts of the paper.

Once you have sat the exam, results should be delivered within 2 weeks via email. If successful, your certificate will follow shortly after.

Level 2 Maths Exam


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