GCSE Biology – Evolution And Genetics Revision

Inheritance, variation and evolution cover many different topics that appear within the GCSE Biology syllabus. From Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution to DNA and classification, these topics are interlinked but also quite varied, excuse the pun. Darwin didn’t know about DNA when he proposed his theory of evolution but since the discovery of this, scientists have built on the theory with more evidence from genetics. Other topics such as speciation, variation and selective breeding are also covered on this GCSE Biology revision page.

How do bacteria become antibiotic resistant?

– Bacteria become antibiotic resistant through mutations. So antibiotic resistance happens by accident, but the more antibiotics we use, the more mutations bacteria have and the more likely they will become resistant.


What are the uses of biotechnology and genetic engineering?

– There are many potential uses from GM crops t and selective breeding to the production of medicines and treatment of genetic disorders.


What is the difference between a DNA, genes, chromosomes and the genome?

– This is a good question as it addresses a set of terminology that people often get confused with. DNA is general name given to our genetic material. A gene is a specific section of the DNA that codes for a specific protein.

– A chromosome is a collection of many genes that are joined together. All of the genes in an organism are collectively known as its genome.


What is the theory of evolution?

– The theory of evolution describes how organisms that are well adapted to their environment survive and reproduce.  This process is called natural selection. The most successful adaptations alter over time as the environment changes.


What do I need to know about fossils and extinction for the AQA GCSE Biology specification?

– You need to know the definition of extinction, what classifies as a fossil and how fossils can be used to help us understand evolution.


What type of speciation do I need to know for my GCSE Combined Science exam?

– You need to know about geographical isolation leading to the formation of a new species. There are plenty of examples of exam questions from previous years where speciation has come up as a  big mark question.


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