BKSB assessment practice test free

BKSB Assessment Practice Test Free

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MME Team 4 October 2023


As an alternative to the BKSB assessment practice test free version, we recommend the free Pass Functional Skills diagnostic tests. These diagnostic assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of a student’s ability across the curriculums for both Maths and English, compared with the BKSB assessment practice tests

The Pass Functional Skills diagnostic assessments include 2 components:

  1. Initial Assessment – This is a custom-made assessment designed to assess a student’s level before they attempt any revision, to see their “baseline” knowledge. Once the student completes this, they are recommended a functional skills course to progress onto. 
  2. Subject Knowledge Assessment – This is designed to test a student’s knowledge across the whole range of topics in that subject. Once completed, the student is recommended topics for them to focus their revision on. Each course has its own unique Subject Knowledge Assessment. 

Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

You can find out more detail about the diagnostic assessments offered by Pass Functional Skills for both English and maths using the links below:

Maths Diagnostic Tests
English Diagnostic Tests

Functional Skills Courses

Once the Pass Functional Skills diagnostic tests are completed, you can upgrade to their courses to continue your revision and work through all of the topics. Each topic includes revision videos, practice questions, and topic tests. The courses also include mock exams. All questions on the courses include written or video solutions, and each attempt is tracked and all results are stored, so you can see your progress over time. 

To speak to one of our experts about your functional skills course options, complete the form below. 

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

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