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MME Team 12 March 2024


The significance of functional skills in the context of apprenticeships is invaluable. Currently, apprentices are required to attain a minimum of a level 2 in both maths and English to successfully complete their apprenticeship. The government’s specific requirements can be found here.  The integration of functional skills and apprenticeships is commonplace, as many individuals pursuing apprenticeships tend to work towards their level 2 functional skills in maths and English alongside. Your apprenticeship provider might offer functional skills courses, or you may need to complete the qualification independently. You might qualify for funding for your functional skills.

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Apprenticeship Functional Skills

What are functional skills?

Functional skills refer to qualifications in maths and English, showcasing an individual’s essential skills for employment, education and daily life. These skills help learners communicate effectively, make informed decisions and tackle problems. A level 2 functional skills qualification is equivalent to a grade 4/C at GCSE.

Maths Functional Skills

To obtain your functional skills maths qualification, you must complete a 2 hour exam with one of our online invigilators. The exam comprises of a 30 minute non-calculator section and a 90 minute calculator section. Once you have received a pass mark for this exam you will receive your maths certificate. This will then allow you to complete your apprenticeship.

English Functional Skills

For English, you must pass all three necessary components to gain your functional skills qualification. These components- reading, writing and the SLC (speaking, listening and communication)- are separate exams. However, reading and writing are typically sat in a 2 hour slot. The SLC is taken on a different day and takes around 2 hours. In order to achieve the qualification you need to pass all three components.

Completing Your Apprenticeship

Undoubtedly, completing functional skills is invaluable for those in apprenticeships. You will not be able to complete your apprenticeship without having a minimum of a level 2 in maths and English. It is important to consider this when thinking about apprenticeships.


Functional Skills and Apprenticeships

Given the intertwined nature of apprenticeships and functional skills, we are experienced in assisting learners pursuing both simultaneously. Our website offers numerous resources for revision; explore the links below for support. Whether you have a specific apprenticeship in mind or are still exploring options, starting your functional skills early can prove favourable. While completing both at the same time is possible, managing both can be challenging. It may be worth considering doing your maths and English functional skills beforehand, so you can focus on your apprenticeship.

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