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Functional Skills

Book a Functional Skills Level 2 exam in maths or English with MME.


Revise Years 10-11 with revision, worksheets, past papers and online tests.

A Level

Revise Years 12-13 with revision, worksheets, past papers and online tests.

MME Premium

Entire GCSE courses for maths, English and science on the best online learning platform.

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MME Premium

Gold Standard Education

Learn an entire GCSE course for maths, English and science on the most comprehensive online learning platform. With revision explainer videos & notes, practice questions, topic tests and full mock exams for each topic on every course, it’s easy to Learn and Revise with the MME Learning Portal.


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About MME


MME has been supporting students since 2006, with a website that was formerly known as Maths Made Easy. Initialling a website that linked out to different resources, we have developed into a platform that creates content and advances technology within education for the benefit of all. 

What we Offer

MME is more than just online maths resources, it’s a comprehensive distance learning platform devoted to unlocking the potential of every learner. Adaptive support and interactive practice for Maths, English and Science. Reinventing tutoring with our online integrated platform. The best physical revision resources including revision cards, practice exam papers and revision guides. 

Our Mission

We’re here to support learners, improve their grades and make the best resources accessible to all.

Committed to promoting equality through education, we have made many of our online resources free for everyone to access. 

Our Learning Portal

Our Learning Portal features the latest technology, enabling you to learn and revise at a time that suits you on a device of your choice. We use feedback from schools, tutors, teachers and of course students to continually develop our resource bank, whilst innovating on the best ways to display this content in the most accessible ways. Through our learning portal you can access thousands of questions, revision notes, videos and mock exams to help enhance your learning. 

Teacher and Tutor Logins – Register as a school, teacher or tutor and link your student accounts to yours, enabling you to track progress in real time. 

Our Exam Service

MME is a leading examination provider. Students have the ability to sit Ofqual regulated functional skills and GCSE maths and English exams. We are a registered exam centre with two major exam boards and can register students all around the country for GCSE and functional skills exams.