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MME Team 15 January 2024


It is important to recognise that each person’s learning needs vary greatly. Some people require very little guidance while other need focused support. For those needing customised tutoring to match their unique learning requirements, we suggest exploring The Exam Tutor. Their team of highly experienced SEN tutor provide specialised educational support tailored to individual needs. 

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Why is SEN the right choice for me or my child?

SEN (special educational needs) encompasses any requirements a learner may have for additional support and assistance in their learning. These needs span cognitive, emotional, and behavioural aspects and can range from exam-related anxiety to conditions like Autism (ASD) or Dyscalculia. The Exam Tutor cater to any needs that you may have, no matter how big or small the adjustment may be. They have tutors for Maths, English and Science at a range of different levels, including GCSE and A Level.

Ensuring the ‘Right Fit’

A crucial aspect of SEN tuition is ensuring that the tutor and student are a good match. For this reason, The Exam Tutor will ask you about your needs and pair you up with a highly qualified DBS checked tutor. Before starting lessons you will be able to have a free consultation with the tutor to ask any questions you may have. They understand that it is vital that students feel comfortable with their tutor to allow for the best outcome. This approach is key to helping students feel confident and able to progress in their learning.

Delivery of Tuition

All the tuition sessions are delivered online to ensure that location and busy schedules aren’t a barrier. The tutors understand that there may be some difficulties with online learning, however, they strive to make their lessons fun and engaging to keep students interested. There is variety of support packages available including marking services, online learning resources and monthly exam specific support sessions.

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