KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14)

From: £12.99

KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14)

The KS3 Maths Bundle consists of the MME KS3 cards and the professional KS3 mock exam paper pack which includes two KS3 exam papers along with their mark schemes. The profit from every bundle is reinvested into making free content on MME, which benefits millions of learners across the country.

From: £12.99
  • 80 maths revision cards - notes, equations, explanations and questions
  • Two full practise exam papers and mark schemes
  • Great for the 2023/2024 school year - Best rated KS3 resource!
  • All original content designed by the MME examiners
  • Excellent for home study - Cards and papers posted to you!

Includes: Maths Revision Cards

The MME KS3 cards are an excellent alternative to screen time. If you are finding that children are spending too long on their screens and you want an alternative way for them to learn from home, then revision cards are a great way to engage. Every set contains 80 maths cards that cover all the key areas of the key stage three curriculum.

  • Original Papers - All the questions that are on the MME papers are original

  • Key Equations - All key equations and formulae are highlighted on relevant cards

  • Secure Payment - Pay by card or Paypal through our secure payment system

Includes: Maths Practice Papers & Mark Schemes

Alongside the revision cards are two exam papers and mark schemes. These practise papers enable children to mark their test papers at home and check on their progress. The revision cards are a great way to learn and revise and the exam papers are a great way to identify the remaining gaps but also get use to exam style questions and application of knowledge.

  • KS3 Curriculum - Different topics covered from across the KS3 curriculum

  • Easy Ordering - Select how many sets of papers you would like and complete your purchase easily

  • Efficient Shipping - Get your papers within 2-3 days

KS3 Maths Cards Topics Covered

All of the topics in the KS3 maths curriculum are covered the KS3 Maths Revision Cards pack.

77 sections
N1 – Ordering Numbers
N2 – Addition and Subtraction
N3 – Multiplying
N4 – Dividing
N5 – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
N6 – Negative Numbers
N7 – Types of numbers
N8 – Factors and Multiples
N9 – HCF & LCM
N11 – Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
N12 – Fractions
N13 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions
N14 – Multiplying and Dividing fractions
N15 – Mixed Numbers and Fractions of Amounts
N16 – Percentage
N17 – Rounding
N18 – Estimations
N19 – Powers
N20 – Square root and cube root
N21 – Standard Form
A1 – Simplifying Terms
A2 – Expanding Single Brackets
A3 – Expanding Double Brackets
A4 – Factorizing Single Brackets
A5 – Simplifying and solving equations
A6 – Rearranging Formula
A7 – Linear Sequences & the nth Term
A8 – Inequalities on a Number Line
G1 – Coordinates and Midpoints
G2 – Drawing Linear Graphs
G3 – Gradient of a straight line
G4 – Gradient and y=mx+c
G5 – Travel Graphs
G6 – Using Conversion Graphs
G7 – Solving Simultaneous Equations
G8 – Quadratic Graphs
R1 - Ratio
R2 - Proportionality
R3 - Direct and Inverse Proportion
R4 - Reverse Percentage
R5 - Units and conversions
R6 - Maps and Scale Drawings
R7 - Best Buys
M1 – Symmetry
M2 – Areas of Shapes
M3 – Perimeters of Shapes
M4 – Parts of the circle
M5 – Area and Circumference of a circle
M6 – 3D Shapes
M7 – Edges, Faces, and Vertices
M8 – Projections, Plans and Elevations
M9 – Calculating Volume
M10 – Types of Angle and Angle Facts
M11 – Angles in Parallel Lines
M12 – Interior and exterior angles
M13 – Translations and Reflections
M14 – Rotations and Enlargements
M15 – Congruence
M16 – Similar Shapes
M17 – Loci and Constructions
M18 – Pythagoras
M19 – Trigonometry – Finding Lengths
M20 – Finding Angles
P1 – Probability Basics
P2 – Listing Outcomes
P3 – Fairness & Relative Frequency
P4 – Venn Diagrams
P6 – Bar Charts
P7 – Pie Charts
P8 – Frequency Polygon
P9 – Mean, Mode, Median and Range
P10 – Mean from a Frequency Table
P11 – Grouped Frequency
P12 – Estimating the Mean
P13 – Scatter Graphs & Correlations

KS3 Maths - Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14) are answered here.

Each home learning kit contains 80 KS3 maths revision cards and a full set of exam papers which includes a calculator and non-calculator paper along with both mark schemes.

Absolutely! MME pride ourselves on making the very best resources with the help of our team of teachers and examiners. Every card has been carefully constructed and each exam question cleverly designed.

The home learning practice papers contain exam style questions from across the KS3 maths curriculum. The papers offer a good test of knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge.

The KS3 cards cover the entire curriculum from year 7 to year 9 with every major topic area covered with detailed explanations, equations and then practise questions.

Yes we have expert KS3 maths tutors in many areas across the country as well as online. You can book a maths tutor via this page.

Yes we have a full list of key stage three resources, worksheets and free revision materials on our dedicated KS3 maths revision page.

KS3 Maths Revision Cards Answers

Get the answers for KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14).

KS3 Maths Cards Answers

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  1. Brilliant resource just a little slow on shipping when compared to Amazon prime who get it there next day

  2. Looks like a comprehensive set of questions and answers for both calculator and non-calculator papers.

    Spencer O’Hegarty - KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14) (verified owner)
  3. Good product and swift delivery!

    Emily Cadbury - KS3 Maths – Cards & Papers Bundle Years 7-9 (Age 11-14) (verified owner)
  4. Very happy with the purchase thanks

  5. A good set of maths resources to help our two children with their studies in maths.

  6. Was very slow to arrive and the cards came in elastic bands. Haven’t looked at the content yet, I hope it is better than the packaging and speed of delivery.

  7. Good set of learning resources. Helpful cards with useful explanation of different topics. Tests have good variety of questions.

  8. Getting ready for school to restart and hopefully starting on the front foot with both children, year 7 and 8, getting tuck into the maths revision pack before they go back. I will recommend this service to others.

  9. Children catching up with their studies need all the help before school starts. We have found this ks3 maths pack excellent and in gneral the maths made easy website is a great place to find other free resources as well.

  10. The KS3 maths home kit has been really helpful with setting work and monitoring progress. The cards are detailed and easy to use. The exam papers look like an exam board standard paper and come with a step by step answer booklet.

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