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Free Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are often set by employers to help differentiate between candidates. They are used in a wide range of job roles and professions not necessarily maths related. Although the numerical reasoning tests are evidently maths based they are what is called a competency test and are used to help narrow down the field of potential candidates for popular and competitive job roles. Many people find numerical reasoning tests very challenging and it isn’t usually because the maths is too difficult it is more because the timing and pressure aspect of the test and the amount of time that has to be spent calculating each question. This dedicated numerical reasoning test page goes through many of the top graduate jobs and professions that require you to pass a numerical reasoning test. If you click through the links of each job role you can access specific pages which have been set up to help you prepare for each individual numerical reasoning test.

To help you prepare you can also have a go at a free numerical reasoning test

Free Numerical Reasoning Test

Aldi Numerical Reasoning Test

Aldi is one of the most challenging and demanding graduate schemes and the difficulty starts with the Aldi numerical reasoning test. You have to pass this test before being invited to the assessment centre where they then test you again with a paper version of the test. If you want to succeed in the Aldi assessment you will have to score very highly on their numerical reasoning test.

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Barclays Numerical Reasoning Test

Barclays has a very prestigious graduate scheme and as a result, it receives thousands of applicants every year. There is a numerical reasoning test you have to pass before getting invited to the assessment centre. The assessment centre is very demanding and is usually run over multiple days where you will do a combination of group activities as well a numerical reasoning test similar to the one you sat before the assessment centre. This is one reason why you should never get anyone else to sit the online version as if your scores vary a lot then this will be picked up at the assessment centre and the chances of being offered a place will be non-existent.

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BBC Numerical Reasoning Test

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, is a very well respected organisation and has many talented graduates apply for the various graduate roles they have. The BBC numerical reasoning test applies to all roles and like many others you first have to pass an online version of the test. The BBC interview and graduate process is competency based and there is a chance you may have to sit a further numerical reasoning test on the day of your assessment centre.

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British Airways Numerical Reasoning Test

The BA numerical reasoning test is difficult and requires a lot of practice. You can sit British Airways numerical reasoning practice tests via the button below. The British Airways numerical reasoning test contains many maths competency-based questions. From percentage change to ratio, there are many maths skills that will be required for the BA maths aptitude test so practise is essential. If you are preparing for your BA numerical reasoning test then click the button below.

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Boots Numerical Reasoning Test

Boots is one of the most respected retail chains in the UK and as a result, they have thousands of graduates applying to their diverse range of graduate roles. In order to narrow down the number of candidates, Boots do make candidates take an online numerical reasoning test before they get invited to the assessment centre. The Boots numerical reasoning test is composed of 20 questions and is taken under strict time conditions. It is essential to practice for the test in the correct format, so please use the link below to access 10 Boots numerical reasoning tests.

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GSK Numerical Reasoning Test

Glaxo Smith Kline is a large British pharmaceutical company headquartered in Brentford, London. GSK is an internationally recognised corporation with multiple brands and a plethora of products. As a result, the GSK graduate schemes are very popular. Like many other popular graduate employers, GSK use an online numerical reasoning test to filter out many of the applicants. The GSK numerical reasoning test is difficult and like all of these types of aptitude tests, they can be practised and you can get better at them. Before you book your GSK maths test, make sure you get plenty of practice.

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Lidl Numerical Reasoning Test

The LIDL numerical reasoning test has become more difficult over recent years to mirror the increase in the number of applicants they have had. As the Lidl brand grows and they gain more market share in the ultra-competitive UK grocery market, more and more people realise this discounter is likely to continue growing for years to come. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for graduate progression and consequently, more and more people are looking at the LIDL graduate scheme as an alternative to some of the bigger retailers. If you want to succeed in the LIDL graduate scheme application processes, preparing effectively for their numerical reasoning test is essential.


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John Lewis Numerical Reasoning Test

John Lewis is known for quality and service and as a result, it attracts a lot of graduate talent. The John Lewis online numerical reasoning test is there to help differentiate between applicants, narrowing down the field at the start of the selection process. Passing the John Lewis numerical reasoning test is one of the first hurdles you will have to overcome to stand any chance of getting offered a graduate position with this iconic company. You can practise the maths aptitude tests by following the link below.

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L’Oreal Numerical Reasoning Test

L’oreal is one of the worlds best-known brands. Although the company originates from France, it has many offices in the UK. L’oreal attracts many high flying graduates due to the vast number of international positions and the opportunity to work in multiple countries. The L’oreal maths aptitude test is set to a high standard with many people struggling to get the required pass mark. From profit margins to different types of graphical representations, your analytical skills will need to be sharp to overcome the L’oreal numerical reasoning test.


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KPMG Numerical Reasoning Test

KPMG is one of the big four auditors that offer a comprehensive tax and advisory service. Their graduate scheme application process is intense and begins with possibly the most difficult numerical reasoning test. The KPMG maths tests that you can access via the button below, are a good representation of what the tests are like. Set in the context of business you will be asked to perform multiple calculations per question and it is the time required to do these that makes this test extremely challenging. If you don’t excel in maths then you will need a lot of practice and most likely the help of a professional tutor to help coach you through this test.

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Rolls Royce Numerical Reasoning Test

Rolls Royce is an iconic brand in both the automotive and the aerospace sectors. It attracts many ambitious and talented graduates who all have to sit the Rolls Royce numerical reasoning test before progressing further with the graduate application process. The Rolls Royce assessment centre is equally demanding and the maths aptitude test serves to dwindle down the numbers at an earlier stage so that only those who have a chance of being successful are invited to interview. Take a look at the Rolls Royce psychometric tests by clicking the button below.

Take Free Rolls Royce Numerical Reasoning Test

Santander Numerical Reasoning Test

Santander is a well known Spanish bank with offices all over the world. The Santander graduate schemes offer a variety of roles and opportunities. In order to get offered a place on a Santander grad scheme you first have to pass the online numerical reasoning test. This maths psychometric test is reasonably tricky and is in the context of business and banking as you would expect. The terminology is reasonably straightforward so things like profit and loss are used but no real industry jargon.


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Sky Numerical Reasoning Test

The Sky numerical reasoning test is designed to narrow down the number of applicants applying to the vast number of different graduate schemes Sky has. Sky recognises maths and analytical thinking as key competencies required to deliver in most parts of their business. The maths aptitude test does help to narrow down the field of candidates significantly along with the other psychometric tests that help to further differentiate between applicants. To be successful with the Sky graduate application you will have to conquer their online numerical reasoning test.

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Tesco Numerical Reasoning Test

TESCO is the UK’s largest grocer with around 25% of the entire market. The TESCO brand has grown throughout the world and has maintained its position despite a sliding share price linked to the accounting scandal which the company is still recovering from. TESCO is still one of the most popular graduate schemes and applicants are required to pass a difficult numerical reasoning test. In order to be successful with the TESCO aptitude test, it is essential you get plenty of practice.

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Unilever Numerical Reasoning Test

Unilever is a large company with many subsidiaries sitting under it, with many recognisable brands such as Dove, Persil, Walls, Marmite and even TRESemme the personal care brand. Due to the diverse range of products and brands within the Unilever group, there are many opportunities for graduates and as a result, the number of applicants each year is very high. To succeed on the Unilever graduate assessment pathway you will have to pass the Unilever numerical reasoning test.

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Professional Jobs that require you to pass the numerical reasoning test

The following professions are those which require candidates to pass a numerical reasoning test before progressing with their professional training. Failure to meet the required standards in the test and you will not be able to progress with your application.

Pilot and aviation numerical reasoning test

The pilot numerical reasoning test is a hurdle that prevents many people from getting into the aviation industry. In order to become a pilot you have to prepare for and pass the numerical reasoning test. If you are wanting specialist help with your pilot maths test, then we have expert tutors who can help. We also have pilot numerical reasoning practice tests which you can access via the link below.

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Army Numerical Reasoning Test

The Army numerical reasoning test is quite tricky. With plenty of mental maths, speed, distance and time calculations you will need to brush up on your skills to pass the Army maths test if you haven’t covered maths in a while. Fortunately we can help you with both resources and tuition if required. Follow the button below to access many practice maths tests for the Army.

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Nursing Numerical Reasoning Test

Nursing is a demanding profession and with the need to administer medication in exact quantities, maths is a key skill to ensure the safety of patients. Consequently, to start a career in Nursing you must first pass nursing numerical reasoning test which requires you to work out percentages, ratio’s fractions and other mathematical sums that you are likely to encounter in your day to day role as a nurse. If you want help preparing for your nurse numerical reasoning test then please get in touch today or follow the button below to access a series of free nurse maths tests.

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