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MME Team 30 January 2023


There are many adult learners and those outside of mainstream education who look for ways of doing their maths and English GCSE’s and MME is here to help explore the options. MME offer funded options for GCSE and equivalent qualifications, so before registering for any service it is always worth checking your eligibility for a free course by submitting the following form. 

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

Functional Skills

There are also funded functional skills options which you can apply for through our service, via submitting the form above. One of our support team will then be in touch to discuss the options. Functional skills level 2 are accepted as GCSE equivalent grade C/ level 4 for both maths and English. Universities accept them as do apprenticeship training providers and most employers, so getting a GCSE in the two core subjects isn’t the only option. The main benefits to the functional skills are that they can be taken from home at anytime of the year and contain less content than the GCSE subjects, so generally are easier to revise for. 

GCSE Revision Materials

If you are looking for some free revision materials for the maths and English GCSE then we have these as well. You can access everything from revision notes, to practice questions and video tutorials from our dedicated revision pages. You can also get access to all of the latest past papers. Please find our useful list of English and maths GCSE links below. 

The first thing to say is that we offer a way for anyone to sit a maths and English GCSE, directly through our service, as the most affordable exam and course option. You can see the GCSE maths exam options below:

GCSE Maths Exam

We also have a GCSE English exam booking option as well that you can access via the link below. 

GCSE English Exam

For free GCSE maths and English courses for adults online, then visit our free GCSE online courses page. 

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