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MME Team 7 March 2024


GCSE exam season is fast approaching so it is time to start revising. With technology now playing a central role in our lives, using social media for effective revision has become and innovative and resourceful approach. In this article we will explore ways you can use social media to enhance your GCSE revision. We are running the MME Revision Challenge, where you can win a set of GCSE predicted papers. Read to the end of this page to find out more about the MME Revision Challenge and how you can get involved.


How you can revise using social media

Identify Reputable Educational Accounts

Social media platforms host an array of educational accounts dedicated to various subjects covered in GCSEs. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube are teeming with content creators who simplify complex topics, provide study tips, and offer interactive learning. You will find our MME Creators here, you will find a links to their accounts so take a look! Also, follow our TikTok, @mmerevise, we post study tips, question walkthroughs and lots more GCSE content!

Utilise Educational Apps and Platforms

Educational platforms are designed to cater to the content that you need, often with video tutorials, interactive quizzes and study notes. These tools can complement your traditional study materials and make your revision process more dynamic and engaging. MME Premium offers all of this for a range of subjects, across a number of exam boards rolled into one subscription. To find out more about MME Premium use the link below.

MME Premium

Follow Relevant Account on Social Media

It can be really useful to follow exam boards and educational institutions on social media, especially twitter. This then means you will see if they share important updates, exam tips, and additional resources to support your revision. 

Stay Motivated with Study Challenges

Engage is study challenges on social media. Initiatives like this can inject a sense of community into your revision and keep you motivated. We are running the MME revision challenge to help get you kickstart your revision!

MME Revision Challenge


MME Revision Challenge

Here at MME, we are challenging you to complete a section from any MME Premium course everyday for 21 days. This is because it take 21 days to form a habit and we want revision to become your habit. This will help your studying become second nature. To get involved, you need to be signed up to MME Premium and in order to claim your prize you need to post proof of your revision on social media and tag us, @mmerevise.

To find out more about MME Premium and how to sign up, use the links below.

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