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AQA: Paper 2 Question 1


AQA: Paper 2 Question 1 Revision

AQA: Paper 2 Question 1

This page will provide some top tips to ensure that you are prepared for Question 1 of Paper 2.

Here, you will find out:

  • The format of the question
  • How to approach answering the question
  • The Assessment Objective (AO) of the question
  • A model answer that demonstrates what is expected

Assessment Objective (AO)

Question 1 is covered by AO1.

For AO1, you are required to:

  • Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas
  • Select and synthesise evidence from different texts.



Well, what does this mean exactly?

Explicit information is the information which is directly stated in the source.

Implicit information is the message that the writer is trying to convey, but it is not directly stated in the source.

The first bullet point is what you are assessed on for this question.




Question Format

This box aims to show you what Question 1 in Paper 2 will look like! 



For Question 1, you are asked to identify four true statements from the chosen source, out of a list of possible 8.


On the right is an example of the question which you can expect to find in your exam.



This question will specify the line numbers of the extract so you know which information to focus on.


Read these specific lines again thoroughly in order to understand the information given in the text.



The question will also provide you with options that you can choose from.

Tick a maximum of four boxes next to the options provided in the paper

The statements will often be short and concise, meaning it is important that you have a good understanding of the text.



Question 1 is worth 4 marks4 correct answers ticked = 4 marks.


Remember, you are being assessed on your ability to identify and interpret information for this question, so try to make accurate inferences from the statements given.


However, as this question is only worth 4 marks, try not to spend a lot of time on it – aim for around 5 minutes!




Example: Question and Answer

Here is an extract from a 21st century newspaper article about kindness:




Why is this a good answer?


  • The student has correctly identified the true statements, meaning they have a good understanding of the chosen extract.
  • The correct answers are clearly ticked to gain full marks.
  • Only 4 have been ticked, meaning the student has understood the question as well.


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