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AQA: Paper 1 Question 1


AQA: Paper 1 Question 1 Revision

AQA Paper 1: Question 1

Worried about how to tackle Question 1 of Paper 1? Worry no more!

This page will provide some top tips to ensure that you ace Question 1 of Paper 1!

Here you will find out:

  • The format of the question
  • How to approach answering the question
  • The Assessment Objective (AO) of the question

There will even be an extract from a model answer which demonstrates what is expected of you in the exam!

Assessment Objective (AO)

Question 1 is covered by AO1!

For AO1, you are required to:

  • Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas



Well, what does this mean?

Explicit information is the information which is directly stated in the source.

Implicit information is the message that the writer is meaning to convey, but it is not directly stated in the source.



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Question Format


For Question 1, you are required to pick out certain bits of information within the source you are given.

On the right is the question template which you can expect to find in your exam.


The question will specify the line numbers of the extract which you need to look at specifically, so you know which information to focus on.

Do not provide any information from outside of these lines – you will not gain any marks!


The question will ask you to provide 4 bits of information on a specific topic.

Read the extract carefully and only select information that is relevant to what the question is asking you for.


Question 1 of Paper 1 is worth 4 marks.

These 4 pieces of information you need to retrieve from the text are worth 4 marks in total.

As this question is only worth 4 marks, make sure that you do not spend too much time on it!


The space available for your answer will also give you an idea of how much detail is required for each of your answers.

Here, for question 1, as there are only two lines per piece of information, you are not expected to write a lot.




Example: Question and Answer

Here is extract from Dracula by Bram Stoker:



Why is this a good answer?


  • The selected information is taken only from the lines specified in the question
  • The answers are short and concise, BUT they still answer the question sufficiently
  • 4 bits of accurate information are identified in the answer.



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