GCSE Computer Science Past Papers

Are you looking for GCSE computer science past papers? Edexcel, AQA and OCR GCSE Computer Science past papers and mark schemes can be found on this dedicated page. If you are revising for your GCSE Computer Science exams then past papers can be one of the most effective revision tools. Get revising using the past papers and exam solutions by clicking on the relevant exam board below. We cover all three major GCSE Computer Science exam boards, OCR, AQA and Edexcel.

GCSE Computer Science Paper Practise Top Tips

Top Tip #1

Make sure to complete only one past paper at a time, mark it, then pinpoint where you have gone wrong and take a not of it before going onto the next paper.

Top Tip #2

Gather all the questions you get wrong and ensure you are confident that you can answer them and the questions from that topic.

Top Tip #3

Use model solutions to help you pick up each marking point, mainly the questions where you need to show your working and give you the answer in the question as you only get marks for showing your working on these types of questions.

Top Tip #4

In the run up to the exams make sure you leave enough time to get through all the new GCSE computer science 9-1 papers as well as any specimen papers provided by the different exam boards.

Top Tip #5

Even if you have used all the new GCSE computer science past papers from your exam board then consider using the older papers or even papers from a different exam board. Unlike other GCSE qualifications, the three major exam boards, AQA, Edexcel and OCR all have a very similar specification.

GCSE Computer Science Exam Paper FAQ’s

Yes, you have access to all of the GCSE Computer Science past papers and mark schemes through Maths Made Easy.

This is a good question as too many students use the GCSE computer science past papers too quickly and run out of the most effective revulsion tool. Use the exam papers sparingly, once you have covered the entire course material and have revised using other resources such as worksheets and videos. Use the past papers as a way of monitoring your progress and identifying topics and question types you still need to work on.

All of the GCSE Computer Science papers we link to have corresponding mark schemes.

Yes, all of the past papers and mark schemes we provide are printable.