AQA Past Papers

If you are searching for AQA past papers then you can access them all from this one past paper super page. Using the AQA past papers as part of your revision process can be a really effective way to revise. In addition to this you can also access all of the corresponding AQA mark schemes to help you mark your exam papers.

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AQA Past Paper FAQs

Yes, this dedicated page links to all of the AQA past papers and corresponding mark schemes.

Yes if there is a past paper present then its corresponding mark scheme will be easy to access.

We think the best way to use the AQA past papers is to revise by completing one paper at a time, marking it, collating all your corrections and doing further revision on those topic areas before moving onto the next past paper. Doing multiple exam papers in a row with no corrections or revision in between isn’t usually that beneficial.

Yes, we link to all of the past papers that have been released by the AQA exam board. We do not link to the most recent papers that haven’t been released by the exam board as these are used as mock examinations by schools which is why AQA restricts their access until much closer to the exam period once all schools have sat their mock exams.

Yes, we link to the new 9-1 AQA past papers as well as the older A*- G specifications.