A Level Chemistry Cards & Calculation Booklets (OUT OF STOCK)


A Level Chemistry Cards & Calculation Booklets (OUT OF STOCK)

AS Level Chemistry Cards and Calculation Booklets to Help Improve Your Maths for Chemistry. The profit from every pack is reinvested into making free content on MME, which benefits millions of learners across the country.

  • All key AS chemistry calculations covered in 10 question booklets
  • Helps improve your maths skills for A Level Chemistry
  • Relevant to all major exam boards including AQA, OCR and Edexcel
  • Over 45 Chemistry revision cards and 200 pages of practice questions
  • Designed to help students learn chemistry calculations and nail the maths!
  • Suitable for the 23/24 year - Best rated for revision

How they look

Get a sneak preview of the A Level Chemistry Cards.

AS Chemistry Revision Cards

MME is well known for producing the best revision cards. Our A6 format means the cards are nice to hold and the content is easy to read. Each card covers a specific type of calculation and is explained through a worked example. On the back of each card is an opportunity to practise the method to ensure you have learnt and understood the key steps in the calculation. With over 45 revision cards in each pack, the AS Chemistry course has been comprehensively covered for every exam board. These key calculations underpin all mathematical content that appears in the Chemistry exam papers and these questions are often the ones that students struggle with most, not any more!

10 Question Booklets and 2 Answer Booklets

The MME AS Chemistry books are a great way to perfect application of newly learned knowledge. The books have been created by a team of teachers, lecturers and A level examiners, to ensure the questions are as effective as they can be in preparing you for the final exams. The 10 question and answer booklets cover the following topic areas:

  • 1 Relative Atomic Mass
  • 2 Relative Molecular Mass
  • 3 Percentage Composition
  • 4 Empirical & Molecular Formula
  • 5 The Mole
  • 6 Reacting Masses
  • 7 Atom Economy and Yield
  • 8 Mole and Gases
  • 9 Ideal Gas Equation
  • 10 Concentrations, Volume, Reactions and Solutions

A Level Chemistry Card Topic List

38 sections
Nuclear Notation
Calculating Average Relative Atomic Mass
Calculating Average Relative Atomic Mass (A)
Relative Molecular Mass
Relative Molecular Mass (Mr)
Relative Formula Mass from Chemical Formula
Calculating Percentage Composition
Percentage composition by mass
Percentage Composition Calculations
Empirical & Molecular Formula
Calculating Empirical Formula
Calculating Empirical & Molecular Formula Example
The Mole
Mr, Mass, Moles
Avogadro’s constant calculations
Mixed Calculations
Chemical Equations & The Mole
Chemical Equations & The Mole
Chemical equations & the mole
Reacting masses calculations 2
Atom Economy
Atom Economy Example Questions
Theoretical and percentage Yield
Percentage Yield
Gases & the Mole
Gases & the Mole Example Question
Gases & relative molecular mass
Gas Volumes & Equations
Gas Volumes from Equations
Ideal Gas Equation
Ideal Gas Equation example questions
Concentration Example Questions 1
Concentration Example Questions 2
Concentration Example Questions 3
Volumetric Analysis
Concentrations & Volumes of Reactions in Solutions
Conc & Volumes of Reactions in Solutions

A Level Chemistry Cards & Calculation Booklets

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The cards and booklets have been designed to help A level Chemistry students with what is often the weakest part of their exams, calculations.

1. Relative Atomic Mass

2. Relative Molecular Mass

3. Percentage Composition

4. Empirical & Molecular Formula

5. The Mole

6. Reacting Masses

7. Atom Economy and Yield

8. Moles and Gases

9. Ideal Gas Equation

10. Concentration Volume Reactions

Yes we have many revision including our best selling A level maths flashcard set.

The cards cover all of the key Chemistry calculations in the AS curriculum. These are the fundamentals that underpin the entire course.

Yes, each question that is covered in the workbooks is accompanied by a worked answer so you can see the method that has been applied.

Visit our dedicated A level Chemistry revision page for free materials and worksheets.

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Highly rated for:

These make the maths easier to understand
All key calculations covered
Lots and lots of practice questions

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  1. Nice product and quick shipoping

  2. super helpful for me as maths isn’t my strong point but I love Chemistry so overcoming the calculation aspect has helped my affinity for the subject to grow stronger.

  3. I ordered this and it came in 2 days and I was so happy with what I got because it is exactly what I ordered. I only hope they make one for biology soon.

  4. chemistry calculations are always tricky. The chemistry revision cards make them easier to understand then there are loads of practice questions in the books you get. Very good buy

  5. WOW! I struggle with maths but love Chemistry, so I chose A level thinking I would be okay as long as I could do the calculations and straight away I struggled. The MME A level chemistry revision card set has helped me to understand each calculation, step by step, then I use the books to nail the repetition. Highly recommended.

  6. As a teacher of chemistry for 25 years I have been exposed to a wealth of resource and materials. The one area that many A level students have always struggled with is calculations. The revision cards and workbooks offer an extensive coverage of all the year 1 calculations. I’m confident in saying if students complete and understand the questions provided they will be more than competent in performing the required calculations to A* level. I have contacted the company and year 2 cards and workbooks are on there way. These are now in my ‘have to have’ list of resources, excellent job.

  7. Outstanding!!!!! Thank you so much for my Chemistry calculations books and revision cards, I have only just started them but I can see they are exactly what I need. My friends will be buying some shortly if they haven’t already. thanks again.

  8. Amazing value. There are so many questions to work through that I am confident in saying, if you work your way through the cards and papers in this set, you will understand and get full marks on any calculation question that comes up in the exam. The set is the most comprehensive I have seen to help students who struggle with calculations and maths generally.

    Mrs Jackie Tomerson - A Level Chemistry Cards & Calculation Booklets (OUT OF STOCK) (verified owner)
  9. Very good value for money with so many calculation books and practise questions

  10. They have arrived thank you after my pre-order. I have been using the cards along with the calculation books to help me get to grips with them as maths is always something I have struggled with. I have to say they are really helping.

    Michael Ellison - A Level Chemistry Cards & Calculation Booklets (OUT OF STOCK) (verified owner)
  11. The estimated time for these to come back in stock would be around 1 month.

  12. Yes they are 4 different sets of papers with original questions in each set.

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