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Learn an entire GCSE course for maths, English and science on the most comprehensive online learning platform. With revision explainer videos & notes, practice questions, topic tests and full mock exams for each topic on every course, it’s easy to Learn and Revise with the MME Learning Portal.

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Check out our brand new GCSE Courses

We’ve added 13 new GCSE Courses to cover the Core Maths, English and Science subjects, with content specific to each exam board. Our paltform can also be used for adult GCSE courses to gain the qualifications needed for employment and University. 

Guaranteed Grade Improvements

We guarantee that students who work through our online GCSE courses will see clear improvements in their attainment. Our team of teachers, tutors, GCSE examiners and of course students, have come together to form the most comprehensive GCSE learning platform available.

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Comprehensive revision for every topic

Revise each topic using our comprehensive revision segment containing explainer videos, revision notes and multiple choice questions. Every feature is accessible with our GCSE courses. 

  • Explainer videos on every topic on every GCSE course

  • Detailed notes to reference in your revision

  • Multiple choice questions throughout each revision segment to test your learning

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Solidify your knowledge with practice questions

Quick-fire practice questions are available on every topic within every online GCSE course. These multiple choice questions are intended to help you solidify the learning you completed in the revision section. Choose between easy, medium and hard difficulties in our GCSE maths courses. 

  • 5+ multiple choice questions in each question set

  • Easy, medium and hard difficulties to choose from

  • Written solutions for every question

  • Attempts are saved and your scores tracked so you can see your progress

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Test your skills with advanced topic tests

Our GCSE topic tests are the most advanced tests you can find online! With 6 question types (with more being added all the time), video & written solutions, you can extensively test your ability to apply your knowledge to exam style questions.

  • Relevant to specific GCSE exam board specifications

  • Our platform contains 6 question types: simple, multiple choice, multiple answers, fraction, image based, and fill in the blanks questions. More question types are coming soon.

  • Get written solutions for every single test question, detailing exactly how to approach and answer each one, no matter the difficulty or topic.

  • Video Solutions for exam questions. Our expert GCSE tutors explain all parts of the question and answer in detail.

  • Every test attempt is stored meaning you can view all previous topic test attempts to track your progress over time.

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Full mock exams for every exam board

Mock exams are an invaluable way to practice your knowledge for the real exam. Our GCSE courses have full mock exams that are designed to match the real exam paper as closely as possible, complete with time limits and ‘exam mode’.

  • Sit a mock exam under exam conditions with a timer - Get notified if you go over the allowed time - practice your timings in the real exam

  • Exam mode allows you to mark your attempt upon completion for the full exam experience

  • Full video and written solutions for every question in every mock exam

  • Pause your exam and come back to it later with your progress and answers saved

  • All exam attempts are stored for analysis of your score improvements as you progress through the course

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Easily search and filter topics

The MME Learning Portal makes it easy to personalise your learning experience by giving you a range of search and filter criteria so you can revise the topics in the same order that you cover them in school, or in an order that you would prefer. 

  • Topics are organised within each course by Topic Area

  • Enrol on specific courses for exam board and tier, e.g. AQA higher GCSE maths course

  • Filter each topic according to difficulty levels from 9-1

  • Ability to hide completed topics to so you can concentrate on new course content

  • View topics either in course view or all topics mode to see the full list

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Store all your attempts, results and track your progress over time

Access every feature on every course which includes possibly the most important feature, being able to save your scores and track your progress. 

  • See your progress through each topic & topic area throughout every course

  • Get your average scores for practice questions, topic tests and mock exams

  • View all practice questions, topic test and mock exam attempts over time

  • View historical attempts to analyse your progress over time

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MME Learning Portal FAQs

Yes certainly, we encourage tutors and schools to use the platform in lessons and for setting homework. You can register for a tutor account here

You can use our list of filters to narrow down topic areas and levels, or simply pick out topics that you need to work on. As you answer questions and complete topics your scores will be stored so you can see which areas you need to revisit before the exams.

The platform is flexible to suit your learning aims. So if you want to focus on specific topic areas, say in Algebra, you can filter by algebra. If you want to cover your entire GCSE in an order that makes sense, work through the topics in the order they are presented.

If you are a school student then you should confirm with your teacher, which exam board and which tier you are doing. If you are an adult learner looking to a GCSE course then you should contact our support team for advice, here, contact us

Yes these courses can be used for adult education to prepare for a GCSE resit. We also have functional skills services as an alternative for those looking to gain a qualification to go to Uni, apprenticeships or for employment. 

Yes, if you are preparing for a GCSE maths resit, or English exam, you can use our courses to help you pass. 

It's time to supercharge your learning.